Hoopin' with Harlem: Blessing Health System Team Bios

Blessing Health System

Meet the players on the Blessing Health System basketball team.

They'll be participating in the "Hoopin' with Harlem" event on December 8th against the Knapheide team.

Mark Thomas
This former QND Basketball palyer was average at best in basketball, but played 12 years of professional soccer. Thomas turns 50 this February and is currently a supervisor with environmental services at Blessing Health System

Chris Vlasvich
Chris was once called the next Michael Jordan of basketball…until they saw him play and said he’s in a world of his own. Chris is happy there are some doctors playing tonight for all the ankle breaking that will be going on and moves so sick you’ll need a doctor. When Chris isn’t crashing Knapheide’s amateur hour basketball fun time he is works in Information Systems.

Dr. Garry Sandhu
Dr. Sandhu played high school basketball in Canada (which he guess only partly counts). He is a board-certfieid, fellowshipp-trained urologist at Blessing Physician Services.

Ryan Stuckman
Ryan played high school basketball for QND, two years at John Wood Community College and two years at Quincy University. He models his play after his favorite player LeBron James and team the Duke Blue Devils. Ryan is a Financial Analyst at Blessing Health System

Josh Hummel
Josh has no prior basketball experience besides crossing people up on the streets (that's a joke). He's excited to represented Blessing on the court. Ryan is in Information Systems at Blessing.

Damian Marley
Damian played basketball in 6-8 grades, at a school where everyone made the team. He works in the IS helpdesk at blessing and plans to bring his problem solving skills from work to the court.

Christian Bias
Christian played high school basketball for QHS. He graduated in 2007, played shooting guard, and is 6’2 (well that is what the program height said). Christian's favorite player is also LeBron James so he intends on dominating, just as he does! He is s now a supervisor in Health Information Management at Blessing.

Nick Dugal
Nick is a Support Analyst in Information Systems at Blessing. He's been on the court most of his life and helped coach at Quincy Christian School. He'll bring his analytical mind and coaching skills to help lead the team to victory.

Jim Utterback

Lisa Farrell

Emily Humke
Emily plaed 4 years of varsity basketball for Camp Point Central. Her senior year, the team was regional champs. She returned to her alma mater to help coach freshmen girls at Camp Point for four years. She is an RN in the operating room at Blessing HOspital.

Aaron Donald

Dr. Andrew Dunn

Dr. Brock Swanson
Dr. Swanson, a podiatrist at Blessing Physician Services, learned all of his basketball skills from the movies Space Jam and White Men Can’t Jump. He is also a Capricorn.

Aaron Logan
Logan played basketball in high school and also played competitively in the Army. Now currently works in Information Systems at Blessing Health System.

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