Home-schooling: More than just academics

There are now more than 2-million home-educated students in the United States.

Researchers say students who are home-schooled score above average on achievement tests.

Now, one mom is saying for her family, learning goes beyond your typical test scores and the traditional classroom.

"It's not just back to school, it's a continuation of what you're already doing," said home-school mom Shannon Jarvis.

Jarvis said home-schooling is a year round gig.

"It's life-school. The seasons change, you may change the books you're doing, but school is always in session when you're at home school because you're always learning," Jarvis said.

When it comes to raising her children, she said its the sensible thing to do.

"Our goal, everybody has a different goal. Is to raise people who love each other, who love the Lord, who want to not just work work work and then retire and then live when they're retired. They want to live everyday that God gives them," Jarvis said.

The biggest stereotype surrounding homeschooling is that constant one-on-one teaching deprives kids of the socialization they need to thrive.

Though, Jarvis disagrees.

"The homeschooling group in Quincy has a volleyball team for girls. They also have a basketball team. There's also a pom and flag squad for girls. There's also a Quincy community choir and orchestra. There's different opportunities," Jarvis said.

But she said the benefits of homeschooling go beyond academics and social life.

"In general, I think homeschooling is a lifestyle. It's not necessarily school at home. It's a whole lifestyle of learning," Jarvis said.

She said home-based education allows her to take learning beyond that traditional classroom.

"We go outside a lot. Outside painting, outside drawing, outside reading, running, playing. It's not just about the brain, it's not just about book work. It's not just about tests and scores. There's so much more to raising children," Jarvis said.

The Tri-States Educator's Association of Christian Home-schools group was founded over 20 years ago.

It now has more than 100 families.

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