Home Rehabilitation Kickoff for NECAC


NECAC kicked off a new program on Thursday.

The name of the program is the Self-Help Housing Rehabilitation Program.

Twenty-six homes in Marion, Pike, and Ralls Counties will be selected and the building materials needed will be provided by NECAC.

Individuals will receive one-on-one instructions from a NECAC Construction Supervisor but the labor will be up to them.

Carla Potts is the Deputy Director for housing development of NECAC.

She says the focus of the program is to get the homeowner involved in the process.

It really is about pride in ownership, pride in getting to be a part of the rehab of your home, how important it is that we learn new skills, but that we get to do them on our own home

Potts says not all 26 homes have been selected. If you would like to apply contact NECAC.

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