Higher The Better: Tri-State levees battle higher river levels and fierce regulations

KHQA's David Amelotti walks with Roger Sutter with the Fabius River Drainage District. He says higher would be better for the Fabius. However, current regulations keep the levee from reaching the 500 level status.

In a KHQA exclusive- Tri-State levees along the Mississippi River face two fights right now.

The first is the threat of a future flood. The second is extensive regulations that keep levee districts from offering more protection for residents and thousands of acres of farmland and industry.

"We're just have a disaster waiting to happen," President of Upper Mississippi, Illinois, Missouri Rivers Association Mike Klingner said.

Roger Sutter is the President of the Fabius River Drainage District. He says higher the better would be case for the Fabius but regulations in place by the Rock Island District of the U.S. Corps of Engineers prevents that.

"We can't do it. we can be wider and better which we are. The sands here to do what we need to do and that's our goal," Sutter said.

"We're not going to pretend the Mississippi isn't going to provide us with another massive flood, it's going to happen again." Superintendent of the Sny Island Levee District, Mike Reed said.

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