Heat can affect the inside of your body

The fountain in Quincy's Washington Park

You can walk up to someone and know that they need a

cool down

... they're sweating, they might look weak or dizzy.

Everyone knows this hot weather can wipe you out, but it can also cause damage to your body if you aren't careful.

Folks who spend a lot of time outside in this heat need to take frequent breaks and drink plenty of fluids. If you don't, you could be in danger of heat related illnesses like heat cramps,

heat exhaustion


heat stroke


Heat cramps are a warning sign of sorts to a heat problem in the body. You may feel pain in big muscles like your abs or leg. Nausea may also come with it.

Then comes heat exhaution. That's when you become dehydrated because of the heat and you have trouble cooling yourself.

Heat stroke is the worst, with the body literally shutting down it's ability to regulate temperature through sweating. Some symptoms of heat stroke include confusion, faster heart rate, breathing faster and not sweating.

At the point when your body can't cool itself, your organs begin to cook inside of you.

This happens when your core temperature reaches 106 degrees. And when muscles get damaged, they release harmful materials in the blood, which can cause serious problems like kidney failure.

Other symptoms are hallucinations and confusion. In addition to the brain, heat can also cause seizures.

Everyone out in the heat should take a break periodically and automatically, whether they say they need it or not.

Doctors recommend eating and drinking lots of water; stay away from sodas and alcohol. These can cause you to be even more dehydrated.

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