Harpole's Heartland Lodge expands to bring in more year-round tourists

Harpole's Heartland Lodge

Harpole's Heartland Lodge and Resort in Nebo is building four new luxury cabins.

"This has actually been in the works for five years. Looking at the cabin project, we actually researched in other parts of the country too that have done summer type projects," said Gary Harpole owner of Harpole’s Heartland Lodge and Resort.

The reason for the self-contained cabins are to bring more tourists in on a year-round basis to allow them to spend more money in the local community.

"Every time somebody comes into the county and spends like $150 on gas, food and other things and so you take that and with what they spend here and then when our money effects the economy so we estimate probably over one million dollars will be injected into the local economy from just those cabinets alone for guests staying here,” said Harpole.

Harpole says the separate hotel taxes are a nice way to market the community.

"The hotel tax that these will help too and what is really cool is there is a local hotel tax and a state hotel tax too but the local hotel tax is used to bring in more tourism to the area. So it is a compound that will in turn be used to market the area as well,” said Harpole.

The new cabins will contain top notch amenities for tourists to visit on a year-round basis.

Along with bringing more jobs to the area, the new cabins are expected to attract 2,200 new tourists.

"We are hoping they are going to be done in the Spring of 2018 and we are actually now taking reservations for them in May of 2018 to be on the safe side but we think they will be done sooner than that,” said Harpole.

Harpole also said, as more people visit the community and the demand for the cabins grow, the lodge will continue to expand.

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