Hannibal School District pays for sidewalk and gets new health clinic

Hannibal School District pays for sidewalk and gets new health clinic

Imagine a trip to the doctor's office is just a step out of the classroom.

That is exactly the premise behind the Tri-State's first school-based health center.

"We wanted to eliminate any excuse for a child not to be healthy and well," says Superintendent Susan Johnson, "We want them to loose less instructional time."

The new P.A.T.C.H center at Hannibal Highschool will do just that.

"We obviously wanted to make it sound pirate-y because that's our mascot. It stands for pirates access to clarity healthcare because we are collaborating with a local healthcare agency called Clarity," explains Johnson.

The new school based center will be available to those in the Hannibal Public School District.

"Any Hannibal Public School District student as well as any faculty member or retired faculty member who continues to get insurance," says Johnson.

The only thing the Hannibal School District had to pay for was the sidewalk leading up to the front of the P.A.T.C.H center.

"Clarity is picking up all the expenses for the staff, they are also picking up the expenses for the remodel," explains Johnson.

The center will have two nurse practitioners, a nurse, a counselor, and a community service worker.

But you can still expect each school to have their own nurse.

"We have a nurse at all of our school sites just like we had before.," Johnson says. "The nurse practitioner's that will be available, they will be referred by our nurses at our school sites."

Once referred, the child can choose to visit the PATCH center or see their normal doctor.

Though the center will have everything your doctor does.

"There is going to be a full lab, they can prescribe medications if needed."

Johnson says the clinic will not handle anything related to sexual reproduction.

She says the clinic looks like it will be open on Thursday for the first day of school.

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