Hannibal Riverfront groundbreaking ceremony hopes for increase in river traffic

Hannibal Riverfront - KHQA

While construction is already underway for the Hannibal Riverfront, the city makes the project official Monday, December 3rd. City officials say everything down to the grass will be new.

I have wanted over 30 years for this to happen," said JR Latta, Hannibal resident.
This has been a long time coming. We started this process in 2014. They've been talking about a riverfront renovation since the '90s. So, to get to where we are today is real exciting," said Andrew Dorian, Hannibal Parks and Recreation Director.

While getting to this point wasn't easy, Hannibal city Mayor James Hark made sure his team was on board.

We are going to be fluid like water, like the river. If you can't go through it, we are going around it, over it, or under it. We are going to get there. That's where we are today. We've gotten there," said Hark.

The Mississippi River influences many of us here in the Tri-States, but especially for Hannibal.

This riverfront is the single most significant reason why Hannibal is on the map today," said Hark.
This riverfront is for the people, the city people of Hannibal to come and enjoy. It's not for any downtown merchants to help them out. It is a place to come and do things," said Latta.

While the Riverfront project isn't expected to be completed until fall of 2019, you better believe that by summer 2020, Hannibal's Riverfront will be the place to be.

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