Hannibal haunted house and wax museum to reopen

Popular location getting ready to open its doors again.

Something old and something new is coming to Hannibal's historic district.

Jacklyn Karlock is originally from Troy, Missouri but has spent most of her life and career in California.

Recently she and her husband bought and restored a home home in Hannibal.

She decided to open a small business when the vacant haunted house and wax museum on Hill Street was introduced to her.

"Originally I bought the house to turn it into retail," Karlock said. "And then as I talked to people around town, everybody kept saying, "Oh I remember when I was a kid, we went throughout the haunted house, it scared the bejeezus out of me," so actually after this I thought, ok so we'll do a haunted house and the wax museum."

Jacklyn learned some interesting facts about the wax figures created by world renowned artists

Martin Krewson

Each of the figures are so realistic that they have their own fingerprints, the eyes that are used are the kind of glass eyes that opticians use and the Tom Sawyer figure has real teeth. They were donated by a boy who had some dental work done.

Leaving the wax museum you enter into a completely different world that had been the delight of children for decades, the haunted house.

And that's good news for Megan Rapp the assistant director of the

Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau


"There is not a year that goes by that we don't at least get a couple of schools wanting to know if the haunted house is back open," Rapp said. "So I will be very, very pleased to tell all of those teachers that are wanting to take their kids through,that yes the haunted house is back open."

Jacklyn's favorite part of the business is her new gift shop.

"I love jewelry and things for ladies," Karlock said. "And the guys will have to wait for the next store to come along."

Don't let Jacklyn's humor fool you she is very excited for everybody to see the reopened wax museum and haunted house when it is ready.

"I really love this old, old town," Karlock said. "And the history of it. I feel very fortunate to be a part of Hannibal now."

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