Hannibal building becoming permanently patriotic

    Hannibal building becoming permanently patriotic

    With the 4th of July right around the corner, everyone is setting out their American flags.

    But one Tri-State building is making theirs a little more permanent.

    As far back as Ray Harvey can remember, he's been interested in art.

    "As a kid I was the artist in school," said Ray Harvey with Ray Harvey Art.

    It was that talent that drove him to start doing murals commercially in 1990.

    He has finished close to 500 murals since.

    "After a while I just lost track," said Harvey.

    It was Harvey's murals that caught Brad Walden's eye.

    Walden called Harvey and asked him to paint a 60 ft. mural on the side of Walden's building at 3500 Market St. in Hannibal.

    "The previous owners after 9-11 put a real simple American Flag design on it to commemorate 9-11 so we had a lot of people saying keep that flag when you remodel so we figured we had to make it bigger and bolder," Brad Walden with Walden Properties said.

    Harvey wanted the flag for a moment to look like it's waving, like it's alive.

    "If 15 years ago you told me I would do a 60 ft waving flag in Hannibal, Missouri around the 4th of July I'd of thought that would just be perfect, and it is," Harvey added. "I do a painting for a person on a wall, but once I'm finished it's the communities, they adopt these paintings and they are very proud of it."
    "You can see it on TV and Facebook but until you lay your eyes on it it's hard to explain," Walden said.

    Walden has two other buildings in Hannibal that he will have Harvey paint a mural on by the end of the year.

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