Hannibal Bicentennial Logo Contest winner announced

Hannibal Bicentennial Logo.jpg

In 2019 the City of Hannibal will celebrate its 200th Anniversary with a year-long series of special events and celebrations.

As one of the first actions leading up to the 2019 events, the Hannibal Bicentennial Committee established a Bicentennial Logo Committee to coordinate a logo contest to select an image which symbolizes Hannibal at 200. After a two-month submission timeframe and two levels of judging by a total of thirteen judges from Hannibal to Chicago, the Bicentennial Logo Committee is now pleased to announce the winner.

The winning logo design was submitted by Hannibal resident Brandon Dopp.

Dopp successfully created an image which celebrates Hannibal’s Bicentennial and highlights some of Hannibal’s iconic images, including graphics of the Mark Twain Memorial Bridge with fireworks, the Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse and a portrait of Mark Twain.

His design will be used by the Hannibal Bicentennial Committee for marketing materials including social media, websites, newspaper, magazine, and TV ads as well as merchandising items. In addition to the notoriety of having his logo used locally and potentially seen worldwide, Dopp will be awarded a $200 cash prize sponsored by the Hannibal Arts Council.

Twenty logo designs were submitted for the contest. Most designs were submitted by area residents, along with several submissions from the St. Louis area as well as one from Washington and two from Ontario Canada! The contest was open anyone age 8 and up. Submitted pieces had to be original and feature an iconic Hannibal-related image(s) such as landmarks, river scenes, street scenes, Mark Twain, etc.

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