Gov. Rauner's Office responds to new legionella cases at IL Vets Home

File photo: Gov. Rauner calls Illinois budget meeting productive. Courtesy of WICS.

Last night, we were notified of two new legionella cases at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy.

Tuesday morning we reached out to Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's office for a statement.

Press Secretary Rachel Bold released the following:

Governor Rauner continues to work with IDPH Director Nirav Shah, IDVA Director Erica Jeffries, the CDC and the Adams County Health Department to provide for the health and safety of the skilled nursing home's residents and staff. Engineering staff at the home acted quickly, immediately implementing prescribed contingency responses -- completing thermal eradication and other measures to protect residents and staff. Our goal must be to put politics aside and work together to keep our veterans safe and healthy.

Back in 2015, 13 people died from a Legionnaire's Disease outbreak.

This prompted millions of dollars in fixes and even a civil lawsuit against the state of IL.

Monday's situation is far different from that.

The Department notified residents, staff and families on Monday, the same day the cases were confirmed.

They said engineering staff at the facility immediately began remediation efforts, which included removing faucets from the residents' rooms and collecting water samples.

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