Gov. Rauner vetoes gun store bill; Local gun shop owner praises decision

Gunfun Firearms in Quincy (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza).

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner vetoes legislation that would have require gun retailers to be licensed by the state of Illinois.

The General Assembly passed the measure about two weeks ago in response to a deadly shooting at a Florida high school.

In a statement released today, Rauner says he vetoed the bill because he believes it does little to improve public safety.

He says Illinois gun dealers are already licensed by the federal government and small businesses in the state would be jeopardized.

But Rauner says the state still desperately needs a bi-partisan solution to gun violence....saying quote:

"The core issue is not which guns to legally ban or regulate. We have ample proof that such narrowly focused legislative responses make for good political cover, but they do little to stop the illegal flow of guns into Illinois or prevent people from committing thousands of crimes in our state," said Gov. Rauner

One Quincy gun shop owner says he's pleased with the decision to veto the bill.

Clive Courty owns GunFun Firearms in Quincy.

He says the amount of regulation and paperwork that would have come with the bill would have forced small mom and pop gun shops to close.

"On the account of the affordability of it, the massive paperwork, the huge amount of rulings...really it was just basically not a good thing from start to finish," said Courty.

Chicago's mayor is not happy about the governor's veto.

Rahm Emanuel calls the veto "a slap in the face to crime victims, faith leaders and police."

He supports the measure to license gun shops, believing it would help reduce violence in both the city and state.

The Mayor went on to accuse the Governor of worrying more about the elections than the safety of Illinois' Residents.

"This is not a time for hemming and hawing. It's not a time to sleep on it. This has been in the works for 15 years. Yes or no? Licensing gun shops or not? I know that the governor has a primary election, but he also has a primary responsibility as governor to keep all of us safe," said Mayor Emanuel.

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