Tips to getting your kids back on a good school sleep schedule

    Tips to getting your kids back on a good school sleep schedule

    As school gets started in the next few weeks (or days), getting your kids up after that early morning alarm can be a never ending battle.

    Especially when all summer long they have been going to bed late and sleeping in in the morning.

    But it doesn't have to be a battle if you get your kid(s) on a sleep schedule weeks before school starts.

    For middle age kids, Suzanne Bogue with the Blessing Sleep Center says they should be getting 10-11 hours of sleep per night.

    Bogue talked to us about the negatives to not getting enough sleep, and the good that can come from getting that much sleep.

    "If they aren't getting that amount of sleep you are looking at hyper-activity and behavior disorders and just irritability all the way around and trouble focusing," Bogue said. "Kids who are able to get that much sleep every night, the recommended amount, and who are on a set routine are able to get up and function a lot better, a lot less arguing and a lot less fight to get out the door and get ready for school."

    Bogue says getting that much sleep also puts kids in a better mood when they get to school and it helps them focus more, which teachers like of course.

    Doctors say younger kids and teenagers should begin re-adjusting their sleep schedules about two weeks before school resumes.

    Suzanne Bogue with the Blessing Sleep Center has two tips for getting kids back on that schedule.

    "What we suggest for most kids is to slowly introduce bedtime again, start maybe a couple weeks before school and slowly increase bedtime by about 15 minutes each night until you get closer and closer to that goal mark. A lot of studies have shown electronics keep the brain wired and active so if you give them an hour before bedtime to kind of shut away from that and slow down, it'll be easier for them to get some good sleep," Bogue added.

    Bogue says the body accepts an earlier bedtime a lot more when you slowly increase bedtime vs just putting them to bed early one night.

    She also suggests keeping the kids on that sleep schedule on the weekends, too.

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