Get your grill on!

Grilling out is a very polarizing topic. Most people are either a die hard charcoal fan or a die hard gas grill fan.

The biggest differences between gas and a charcoal grilling are flavor and convenience.

Although gas grills can be turned on and off very easily, charcoal fans will argue that there's nothing like the smoky flavor of a steak or burger cooked on their grill of choice.

When you're cooking with charcoal, there are a few things to remember.

Positioning your grill on a flat surface is key ... and make sure that you're in a well ventilated area.

Pour about a half a cup of lighter fluid around the charcoal briquets and let it soak in. Clark Cruikshank shared his pet peeve with us this morning on Facebook by posting, "Most people use way too much charcoal lighter & stink up the whole neighborhood."

You've got to watch this because using too much lighter fluid can cause a huge flare up ... you don't want to be too close! Also, never squirt more fluid onto a pile of already lit briquets as it could travel up the stream and you could be burned.

Although some like to start with briquets in a pyramid on the bottom of the grill, there are theories on this. There are ways to control your heat using the briquets. Arrange them once they are hot into tiers and create zones where you can rotate foods as they cook.

Start your food over the largest pile of briquets for the most heat initially and then gradually step them down to a location with no charcoal ... this will keep the food warm while other food continues to cook at a higher temperature and it will prevent over cooking.

Here are some fun tips from

The only other thing you need is a good marinade! Share your grilling stories and recipes here or on our Facebook page ... even any tips you might have! We look forward to featuring some online and in our newscast!

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