Get ready to get muddy

The race is just two weeks away and already has more than 400 participants signed up.

The Quincy YMCA is looking for people who think they're tough enough to take on the Mississippi Mud Mania Run.

The run is just two weeks away and already has more than 400 participants signed up.

The Mississippi Mud Mania Run isn't your ordinary 5K. You'll be battling with mother nature and the elements, but for a good cause.

Proceeds from the event goes to support youth development programs that support health living.

Kyle Haeberlin is the Director for Sports and Special Events, and helps to plan the mud run. After a successful first year, he's looking forward to the race for this year.

"People hear 5K, you just say there's a cone at one spot and a cone on the other, run from point A to point B," said Haeberlin. "Here, there is point A to point B, but there's also 25 variables throughout the course. We were trying to think of new events to have at the Y to raise money, so we decided let's do a mud run, let's experience it, bring it to the Tri-State area, bring it to Quincy, have some fun."

Participating in the race means you'll make your way through the Driftwood Campgrounds. You'll complete 25 obstacles like the pyramid and fireman's pole.

"It's just great, the community involvement that we have, just people coming out, trying to do new things," Haeberlin said. "There's just a variety of age ranges, and everybody else coming out and just cheering everybody on."

The obstacles are challenging, both physically and mentally, but when you're finished, you'll have accomplished one of the hardest races of your life.

"There's all these little, different, neat aspects and obviously you're going to get muddy," said Haeberlin.

The run will take place on June 14 at the Driftwood Campgrounds in Quincy at 2300 Bonansinga Drive, starting at 9:00 am, with four heats total.

You can register online by clicking here or by visiting the Quincy YMCA, which is located at 3101 Maine Street.

Registration cost is $85. If you register online by using promo code TBT on Thursday, May 29, you can save $30 off the registration fee. The promo code can only be used on Thursday, May 29.

The run is open for anyone, ages 12 and up.

If you would rather volunteer with the race than run in it, you're asked to stop at the Quincy YMCA and sign up to volunteer.

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