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Garage fire on Aldo Blvd in Quincy; cause of fire determined

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Updated December 3rd at 10:15 a.m.

After further investigation, fire investigators determined the cause of the fire to be an electric blanket used to keep pets warm.

“It is important to remember that electric blankets, much like space heaters, should only be used for short periods of time and only when they are under supervision,” Firefighter Ryan Kamphaus said.

Updated at 2:59 a.m.

Responding authorities have deemed the garage a complete loss.

There were no injuries from the fire. The house associated with the garage is an Airbnb home with one occupant in it.

Quincy Fire Department, Quincy Police Department and EMS all responded to the incident.

The Quincy Fire Department was called to 2233 Aldo Blvd in Quincy to respond to a garage fire Friday afternoon.

The garage is unattached to the house on the property. Authorities stated the garage was "fully involved" with the fire.

KHQA is on the scene and is gathering more information.

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