Refurbished houses for first time home buyers

622 N. 7th street

A $1.9 million grant has allowed the city of Quincy to rehabilitate old properties for first time home buyers.

On Wednesday, realtors interested in listing the properties got a look at the results of the city's work at two properties on the north side of town.

First time homebuyers who meet the income requirements soon will have a chance to own their own home.

"This housing program is just something that God has given me to do. We are little by little making a difference in being able to turn neighborhoods around. My dream is that the whole city of Quincy, no matter if you're east, west, north, south, that everybody will be proud of where they live," Elaine Davis, a housing specialist with the Two Rivers Regional Council said. She has been working with city planner Chuck Bevelheimer on the homes.

The City of Quincy acquired these properties through their Fix or Flatten program. The houses were selected from that pool for the IHDA grant money because they were large enough that could be made into family homes.

"What the grant is all about is being able to go in and do rehabilitation on houses to stabilize neighborhoods," Davis explained.

The properties are now a three and four bedroom home. The remodeled house at North 7th street now appraised at $88,000, but because it is meant for first time homebuyers who meet income requirements, special financing is available.

"Incomewise, don't let that stop you, talk to the appropriate people. We will do whatever we can to get you in this home," Bobbette Cawthon, president of the Quincy Association of Realtors said.

Cathon is excited to see a family move into the property.

"I hope that the family that gets this realizes what a treasure they have and that they can experience the dream of home ownership," Cawthon said.

Realtors had a chance to learn more about how they can help first time home buyers find a way to purchase the homes.

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