Ft. Madison bond fails

    As we reported to you on Tuesday's KHQA late news, Fort Madison voters overwhelmingly *rejected* a 16 million dollar bond issue to build a new K-8 school. If that bond issue was approved, residents of Fort Madison would have had to fork out a few more tax dollars per one thousand dollars of personal property. Those funds would have helped build a new school to replace Denmark Elementary and the Fort Madison Middle School.

    You'll remember we showed you pictures of the schools last week. And you heard Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Marang's concerns about these two buildings.

    Now that the bond issue the district needed so badly *did not* pass, we checked to see what happens next. Marang says that he's disappointed in the voted..but the fact remains that there are two buildings in desperate need of attention.

    "Denmark is a horrible building facility for youngsters. And middle schoolers still can't function as a true middle school. That's why I say we need to go back to the drawing board and start looking at the options we have after this bond referendum failed," Marang said.

    Marang isn't sure what the board will decide...But it's possible that both buildings may get some temporary repairs to make them safer for students. The board could also choose to close Denmark Elementary to save money on maintenance costs.

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