IL Attorney General's office finds City of Quincy improperly responded to FOIA request

    Photo of a City of Quincy water truck that was crashed at 2051 Highway 104 in Adams County on February 21, 2018, according to an Adams County Sheriff's Office crash report.

    The Public Access Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General's office has concluded that the City of Quincy improperly responded to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by KHQA last May.

    KHQA requested information from the city on May 9, 2018 about a February 21, 2018 crash involving a Quincy water department truck on Highway 104 and East 1900 in Adams County.

    The City of Quincy replied to KHQA's FOIA request stating that "the City of Quincy does not have any documents responsive to your request."

    You can find the full documents including KHQA's FOIA request and the city's response by clicking here.

    According to an incident/accident investigation form completed by Quincy Central Services, a city employee was driving on icy conditions when he lost control, ran down an embankment and hit a tree.

    The Adams County Sheriff’s office and an ambulance responded to that crash.

    A crash report from the Adams County Sheriff's office can be found here.

    The driver was diagnosed with a bruised shoulder.

    Towing Solutions ended up billing the City of Quincy $2750 for towing and storing the truck for 71 days.

    Pictures of the crashed truck, the accident form and a bill from Towing Solutions can be found here.

    The Illinois Attorney General's office letter can be found below or by clicking here.

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