Flu shots for dogs


Vaccinating your pet is extremely important during the holiday season whether you are traveling or not.

The added stress from having company in and out of the house, plus the seasonal bacteria, can easily make pets sick.

Having relatives or friends visit with their pet can also put yours at risk.

Dr. Bob Reich is the owner of Animal Medical Clinic in Quincy.

He says it's best to have your pet vaccinated ahead of time to keep them healthy.

"Get your puppy or a dog a flu shot. Canine influenza is year round and it just flourishes over the holidays in boarding facilities around the country. We worry here about all the dogs that come in from the east coast and the west coast. So we highly recommend you get all the vaccinations before you board your pet and not just the day before you board--think ahead--get it a month ahead, so your pet has some immunity," Reich explained.

Even if you aren't traveling, you may want to consider boarding your pet anyway.

Having too many people come in and out of the house can be an extremely traumatic experience for your furry friend.

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