Flowering trees face rough start to season

Snow, cold temperatures, wind and even lack have sun have now caused a delay in those beautiful blooms we are expecting in our area.

So far April has not been kind to ornamental trees and shrubs.

Now the question arises, will we have Dogwood Trees in bloom for the Dogwood Festival?

Snow, cold temperatures, wind and even lack of sun have dampened many people's early spring but the experts at Frese Nursery say the Dogwoods and other ornamental trees should be blooming soon.

"There should be blooms this year. There is no reason there shouldn't be. Dogwoods come on a little bit later anyways. So that's good, they're not one of the first things to bloom, so I think Dogwoods should be fine," says Katie Ippenesen with Frese Ornamental Nursery.

For those that have young, small ornamental trees on their property, Ippenesen says securing a sheet over the canopy of the tree may help keep the cold off the buds.

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