First Baptist Church in New London celebrates 150 years

First Baptist Church in New London celebrates 150 years. 

Generations of church goers, young and old, spent the weekend at First Baptist Church in New London reflecting on the churches rich history.

"A celebration we had for our church being a 150 years old ,so we had activities going on on Saturday and this morning just normal services," said Jill Alexander, Publicity Director for the sesquicentennial celebration.

The church was built in 1867 and was rebuilt in 1954 after a fire.

The theme of the sesquicentennial celebration, "Encourage one another to stay true to the Lord."

"We sent out invitations so we saw some of our church members that we haven't seen for a while and some of our former ministers that were really a big part of our congregation to come back and celebrate with us," said Alexander.

Saturday's activities ranged from trivia games to a pie baking contest.

"We had a few older pastors and older music leaders and few other people come in and talk about what the church use to be like before now," said youth church member Nick McMillen.

Including burying this year's history.

"We have a time capsule that we are going to put stuff in, like fidget spinners and stuff that everybody likes these days, and then in 25 more years we'll open it up and I'll get to see all the stuff we put in there and it'll be really awesome,” said youth church member Eli Snodgrass.

Former ministers were recognized and a church dinner rounded out the day's festivities.

"I think that it is really cool because the Cardinals, the St. Louis Cardinals, had their 125th Anniversary this year so that means our church has been longer than they have been around," said Snodgrass.

Church members say they can’t wait for the next 150 years for the church.

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