Fire crews save two occupants from Hannibal house fire

The Hannibal Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire at 4101 Red Devil Road on Sunday morning around 4:22 a.m.

Rick Johnson stood in disbelief on Sunday afternoon. It's still hard to accept his home caught fire overnight.

Rick and his wife were on a trip in Springfield.

" I'm dead asleep. Woken up you get that phone call. Hysterics in the background. The house is on fire."The Hannibal Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire at 4101 Red Devil Road on Sunday morning around 4:22 a.m.

An annonomys driver, who first saw the fire, called the Hannibal Fire department.

Crews arrived on scene around 4:30 Sunday morning. Initial fire crews found heavy smoke and fire coming from the east side of the structure.

Johnson said firefighters found his son and his fiancee asleep inside .

"Said hey the house is on fire, we need to get you out of here," Johnson explained. "Luckily they were here on time and got him out of harm's way."

The fire began in a recent addition of the house. It contained a spare bedroom and storage space.

Fire crews contained and extinguished the fire within 25 minutes of their arrival and was on scene until 7:34 completing salvage, overhaul, and investigation operations.

Hannibal Firefighter Mark Kempker says the two inside were just 10 feet away from the fire.

"Because of the addition and the way it was built it did protect the occupants and did not set off the smoke alarm go off so they didn't know there was a fire," Kempker explained.

That makes the annonymous phone caller even more the hero.

"if that person is watching, thanks you know. That's one thing that hits home. I'm glad the guy upstairs was watching," Johnson said.

Now the son and his fiancee did not have any injuries. Mostly clothes, family keepsakes, and Christmas decorations were destroyed. Johnson says none of that matters because he still has his family.

"You just got to tell your loved ones daily how you feel. Don't forget to say bye. Don't take things for granted. Things could be gone in an instant. We're lucky," Johnson said.

Other Agency’s on scene with Hannibal Fire Department were Marion County Ambulance District, Hannibal Police Department, Hannibal Board of Public Works, Ralls County Sharif’s office, and Ralls County Electric Cooperative.

The home did have any functioning smoke detector at the time of the fire. The structure sustained light smoke damage throughout and heavy fire and heat damage in two rooms.

The Hannibal Fire Department investigated this fire and the cause was ruled accidental electrical.

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