Financial worries continue at WIU as layoffs loom campus

It was anything but glamour inside of Western Illinois University's grand ball room.

"Enough is enough right now," Western Illinois University President Dr. Jack Thomas explained. "As I said to the legislators in my testimony, we've been cut to the bare bone".

Dr. Thomas mentioned the school's budget under discussion for hundreds including students and faculty.

The school is forced to make life changing decisions without a state budget in sight.

"Now we have to look at cutting some of the personnel here," Dr. Thomas pointed out.

Forty-three to be exact - however, that list has shrunk thanks to school Dr. Thomas said.

"I thought it was necessary to remove the tenure individuals off the list," Dr. Thomas explained.

Some teachers discussed their own idea to the board of trustees to help with the school's budget.

Professor Robert J. Hironimus-Wendt proposed teachers give a certain percentage of their paychecks back to the school.

"To give up 10% means I might have to give up $500 a month," Hironimus-Wendt mentioned.

However, he knows not everyone is capable of doing so who have less income.

Dr. Thomas explained the personnel cuts will save them between a million and two million dollars.

He pointed out cuts which may have to be deeper in order to help save WIU.

"Actually we need about ten million so this is just a start," Dr. Thomas said.

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