Filmmakers set the stage in the Gem City

Filmmakers set the stage in the Gem City

You might have noticed a film crew at work in the Gem City.

What started as a college project quickly turned into a series for one Quincy man.

It's attracted filmmakers from both California and New York.

As this KHQA exclusive explains, their plan is to make it on the big screen.

Ryan Raham is the mastermind behind the production. Raham lived in California before relocating to Quincy.

"I started writing this script about a year and a half to two years ago when I was in college and I fell in love with it and I always wanted to do it so then I started writing more episodes and then I started getting a crew together so I'm the executive producer, I'm funding this, I'm the writer and I'm also the lead actor," Raham said.

This week Raham's team is working on the pilot episode.

Raham said his series is comparable to the Vampire Diaries and has a supernatural take.

"We would love for it to be on TV. We're pitching it to film festivals at first to kind of be a starter film but our main goal is to pitch it to Netflix and Hulu and try to get the funding for it," Raham explained.

Producer Parker Arrowsmith says the project benefits the Gem City by putting it on the map. Filmmakers from Los Angeles and New York City are spending the week in Quincy.

"For Quincy it's incredible. We're getting some national attention and we need this," Arrowsmith said.

Raham and Arrowsmith said once the pilot is finished, it'll be presented at the Hannibal Comic Con this spring.

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