FBI, Mt. Pleasant police investigate threat at middle school

KTVO photo

A student threat is being investigated at Mount Pleasant Middle School this week.

At 8 p.m. Monday, the Mount Pleasant Community School District notified parents about an incident that was reported to the middle school at around 3:30 Monday afternoon.

Authorities with the Mount Pleasant Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation received a complaint about a student who made a violent statement against a school.

Police say the threat was vague, and was posted on YouTube. Investigators made contact with the student, who admitted to the statement and said it was meant to be a joke.

Police officers searched the student’s home. No firearms, or any other items of concern were found.

The student has been released from custody, and charges are still pending. The school district is continuing to work with federal and local authorities to determine appropriate punishment.

Parents with questions or concerns are asked to call the district’s central office at 319-385-7750.

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