Family band makes their way home for the holidays

Family band, Makuta, makes their way home for the holidays

Christmas Eve means Santa's coming to town but the Makuta's are already here.

The four-piece band has made their way back to the Tri-States to perform for a local church that means so much to them.

For Aleata, Rose, Doug and Jane, there's no place like home for the holidays.

Classically trained and raised in the church, the Makuta's are building a musical genre of their own.

KHQA spoke directly to the performers who say coming back to Quincy was on this year's Christmas wishlist.

Not only does Makuta write their own music and play multiple instruments, but they're making a name for themselves across the country.

The four piece family band says their eclectic sound comes from being a part of a Marine Corp family.

From Japan to the deep south, a total of 19 moves has inspired them to learn about the music in each place they've lived.

"We want them to take what they want from it, but we also want to contribute positivity, and love and hope and a deeper sense of purpose," said Makuta.

Back in the Tri States for Christmas Eve, Makuta says Quincy has always been home base.

Makuta explained, " It's like coming home and we love this community. I can honestly say everyone that's going to come tonight or performing tonight is like our family it's an extension of family, it's like a family reunion."

Not only was Doug Makuta's first cello lesson right here in Quincy, but their family ties extend to Parkview Church in Quincy's west side.

"This is a really, really exciting thing. We just love the community here, there's so much talent, so much heart and so much good," Makuta said.

For Pastor of Parkview Church, Shane Tomko, he says he's excited to be sharing the holidays with his sister Jane and the rest of the Makuta's.

Pastor Tomko said, "God has sent the conditions for us to be so great, so wonderful, so amazing.. We are going to have a Christmas concert, we are going to have a Christmas Eve concert."

And although the Makuta's performance is a holiday treat, Pastor Tomko says it's about sharing the holiday season with his community.

"You're going to have food, you're going to have somebody who loves you, you're going to have someone who's gonna hug you, you're gonna have somebody who's going to wrap their arms around you and you're going to be okay."

And as for what's next for Makuta, their new album debuts in February 2017.

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