Extreme heat poses threat to student athletes


Most of the Tri-States high school sports practices are well underway and with summer temperatures looming, there are several steps you need to take to keep your child safe. The first thing is hydration!

In the summer, especially like working outside every day, you got to stay hydrated all day. Most of the time I try to drink water just because Gatorade has a lot of sugar in it, soda has sugar you know, water just keeps you running the best," said Palmyra varsity football player Brady Barnett.

Another key point to keep in mind is wearing light colored and loose fitting clothing.

Well the girls obviously dress down. A lot of them where tanks and shorts. We practice in the morning when we can to make it a lot cooler," said Palmyra Girls Tennis Coach Jessica Gottman.

Despite the mornings typically staying on the cooler side, it can still be hot. There are ways that Missouri schools are keeping students safe in the extreme heat.

The Missouri State HS Activities Association has a heat accusation plan put in place for us that we have to follow. So we follow that. Plus, we also added the wet bulb thermometer that we have to take reads so often throughout the day," said Palmyra High School Athletic Director Brian Wosman.

The final tip of advice is to start hydrating well in advance of your planned physical activity. As Palmyra's Head Football Coach William Kevin Miles says,

What they are drinking now will help them tomorrow, not what they are drinking right now. At that point it isn't going to help them.

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