EXCLUSIVE: Inside look at new Adams County Jail

A multi-million-dollar jail project at 6th and Broadway in Quincy is nearly a third of the way complete.

A multi-million-dollar jail project at 6th and Broadway in Quincy is nearly a third of the way complete.

Money for this new jail was shut down twice by voters but it was the third vote for a 25-cent tax increase in 2015 that passed $25 million to fund this new jail.

While crews still have quite a way to go, take an inside look at where they are now nearly a year into this build.

"This is going to be a huge step towards keeping employees safe, that’s a real problem right now," said Adams County Board member and Jail-Sub Committee Vice Chairman Kent Snider.

Right now, the Adams County Jail has room for 118 beds.

It’s currently over capacity serving to more than 150 inmates.

"The old jail, you know, some of the functions don't work well,” said Snider. “We have to hand trays of food, unlock the door to take the trays in versus sliding them through the opening in the door so yeah this will be safer because everything will work.”

The new jail will hold just under 200 inmates.

"Are you guys worried that you might exceed that capacity as well,” questioned KHQA’s Lynsey Whitaker. “Oh, I am sure we will sometime but it won’t be immediately. The peaks are bad but they are short-lived,” said Snider.

The new jail will serve as a new home to the Quincy Police Department, Adams County Sheriff’s Department and the jail.

Snider says the shared space will save taxpayers' money.

"Evidence storage, interrogation, right now the city if they arrest someone they take them to city hall, put them in a holding cell, do all of the paper work put them back in the car over to the county and check them in,” said Snider. “This way they just take them straight in right into the holding cell and then into jail."

The $30-plus million facility will provide services including medical care and laundry for inmates.

It will also feature a sally port.

Snider explained, "Sally port is what you see on tv when a door opens a car pulls in to a room that is all concrete, the door closes, you get the prisoner out, once you have them in handcuffs another door opens and you take him straight into the jail."

The entire roof is scheduled to be put on by the beginning of November.

At this time crews are a couple weeks ahead of schedule.

The jail is scheduled to open around September 2019.

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