Aeronautics Committee chair resigns following heated council meeting

Ward 3 Alderman Tom Ernst

Tempers flared at the end of Monday night’s Quincy City Council meeting.

A Quincy alderman ended up resigning as chair of the Aeronautics Committee as a result of those heated moments.

The city's Aeronautics Committee just last week approved a recommendation to privatize the Quincy Regional Airport.

Chair and Ward Three Alderman Tom Ernst was not there for that meeting and a previous one.

Ernst said the committee originally was supposed to meet Wednesday, August 15, for its regular meeting.

He says that meeting was changed to Tuesday, August 14.

Quincy Resident Brian Reed spoke at the end of Monday night’s Quincy City Council meeting expressing disappointment about Ernst's absence.

“The culture of the city government needs to be changed going forward,” Reed said.

Ernst then expressed his displeasure about aeronautics meetings being planned without the chairman's approval.

“I couldn’t attend Tuesday, and I told everyone I couldn't be there Tuesday and that we would have it on Wednesday,” Ernst said. “I called Skip and left him a message saying the meeting will be Wednesday, not Tuesday. I heard no reply and guess what, the meeting was Tuesday."

Ernst ended up resigning as chair of the Quincy Aeronautics Committee.

Mayor Kyle Moore called Monday night's actions unfortunate.

He said they could've been solved behind closed doors.

“I’m very disappointed that people did not want to work in a positive environment with the administration and say, 'hey let’s work this out,'”Moore said. “At the end of the day, you were all here to serve the tax payers. They're our boss, right?"

Mayor Moore said if there will be any type of consequence, it would be in his office.

He said he believes the citizens don't want to see a constant debate between council members and administration.

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