Dot Foods hosts annual Forklift Rodeo

Forklift Rodeo.jpg

A Tri-State warehouse is highlighting a fun and safe working environment in a different way.

"It encourages us to be safe anytime we do any testing or driving at work,” says Dot Foods worker David Gomez Guerreo.

Dot Food Warehouse employees took part in the forklift rodeo Thursday.

The idea is to get a forklift through the maze as quickly and safely as possible.

The maze is made up of narrow aisles, quick turns, and the goal is to not hit any pallets, or knock the basketball off the back.

Guerreo came to Brown County Illinois from Oklahoma to compete in the 2018 Forklift Rodeo National Championship.

"Last year unfortunately I couldn't make it; but this year I placed in the first top three and then finals I made it, and I placed first, and here I am,” said Guerreo.

Four finalists were chosen from each of the company's 11 distribution centers in the U.S.

Each center had their own rodeo to determine those finalists.

Dot Foods Senior Vice President John Long says the event initially started to recognize good performance and to keep safety at the top of workers minds.

"We want our team members to come in work in a safe environment and go home safely. So, it is safety first and everything else will follow,” said Long.

The winner of the 2018 Forklift Rodeo Championships will win an all-expenses paid vacation.

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