Don Dowling takes a dive

Don Dowling is a paraplegic but that didn't stop him from skydiving.

A Missouri Man took a rapid decent into Hannibal Sunday morning.

Don Dowling is a triathelete, an adventurer and a paraplegic. But that didn't stop him from checking skydiving off his bucket list.

"I mean I've been up in the mountains and you can't believe how the view is and I liked to try to skydive and see what it's like," Don said.

"The only things the wheel chair describes or really defines about him is how he gets from point A to point B," Valerie Dowling, Don's wife said.

He and his wife made the trip from St. Louis to Rapid Decent in Hannibal.

The skydiving company offers special gear for Dowling's legs.

"We have some special equipment that holds his legs together and helps us raise the legs once the parachute is open," Charles Whitcomb, a Rapid Decent skydiving instructor said.

KHQA was there to catch him after his jump. We asked him what it felt like and he said, "awesome!"

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