Despite holiday travel, folks still merry

Triple A says gas prices will average around $2.40 this holiday travel season (KHQA).

A record setting number of Americans are set to travel this year, 107 million in total.

Despite the added congestion, folks in the Tri-State area say they're in good spirits about the holiday's.

Mendon resident Glen McGuffin says the key to a stress-free holiday travel trip is to plan ahead.

"Plan it, get up early, leave a little early and if they talk about bad weather maybe leave a little bit earlier than then," said McGuffin.

He also said gas prices always seem to increase during the holidays without an explanation...

"I think they're putting it to us again, because it was down to 2:11 and now it's up to 2:37, you ask em' why and no one gives you a reason," said McGuffin.

But not everyone is getting gas for their own trips.

Quincy resident Lisa Job put gas in her aunts tank on Thursday. She says her aunt is having triple bypass surgery soon and wanted to do something to give back to her.

"She gave up having a life of her own to help take care of us so it's the small things we can do for her and I just hope to see other people do the same as well," said Job.

Gas prices according to Triple A will average around $2.40 for the holiday season.

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