Debit card fraud rising ahead of holiday season

Debit card fraud rising ahead of holiday season

It's that time of year where many of you will be swiping those credit and debit cards, a lot.

While you are planning your Thanksgiving grocery list, your Black Friday list, and your Christmas gift list...others may be planning how to take advantage of you.

"People are out shopping more, they are busy, they are trying to get too many things done so they maybe not as careful as they otherwise would be and some people will take advantage of that," says Becky Bauer.

Bauer, a customer service representative at Mercantile Bank in Quincy, says shopping and fraud always picks up this time of year.

She has some tips to keep an eye on your money when shopping in stores.

"Make sure that you're always aware where your card is, keep it with you, don't loan it out, don't lend it out. When you're using it to swipe or insert if you have the new technology you want to kind of cover that with your hand," Bauer said.

Bauer recommends doing what you can to make it hard for someone to see what you are doing.

Along with in-store shopping, online shopping picks up even more.

How do you know if your website is secure? Bauer says to look for the 'https' in the link as well as a padlock icon at the bottom of the screen.

No matter where you choose to shop, always keep tabs on how much you are spending.

"Check your transaction every once in a while so you know what's going on. Just to make sure that the transactions coming through haven't doubled or there is something you don't recognize," says Bauer.

So much like Santa, look at that statement and check it twice.

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