Debate over school sidewalks at Quincy council meeting


Who is supposed to pick up the tab for sidewalks at one of Quincy Public School's new elementary schools?

That was the topic of conversation at Monday's city council meeting.

For right now, the north 12th Street school will not have a side walk, creating a future safety issue.

Council members believe it's the school district's responsibility to fund the sidewalks.

But city planner Chuck Bevelheimer says the school district disagrees.

A price tag for this project is currently unknown.

"I can't tell you off the top of my head. To put a side walk on the west side of north 12th street. If you have to put in a parking lane, curb, gutters because there is an open ditch. Otherwise we have to require a right away which is more expensive so that's something we have to figure out," Bevelheimer said.

Bevelheimer says the city considers the Safe Routes to school program an option, since the program that has provided sidewalks in the past. But he says the city has to wait for next cycle to open for funds.

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