UPDATE: Damaged bridge leaves Pike County families stranded

Damaged bridge leaves Pike County families stranded.

For more than a dozen homes, Pike 9111 is the only way in our out in Pike County, MO.

Friday's heavy rain broke the bridge one man built for his family before passing away.

Parents like Elizabeth Decamp now have to trek their cars through moving water just to get their kids to school.

"Vehicles have been picking us up and taking us to town. The creek has went down to where we can cross with a four-wheel drive vehicle to leave across so we can be able to get to town," said Decamp.

As a temporary solution, the property owner laid gravel across the creek so that vehicles could at least drive through.

The problem is a lot of the gravel has already shifted downstream and with even more rain in this week's forecast, traveling across this creek becomes incredibly dangerous.

Pike County Commissioner Chris Gamm says the road is privately owned, meaning its residents are responsible for the repair.

Commissioner Gamm says officials reviewed state statutes Monday but says their hands are tied.

"We're at ends. We don't know what else to do. It's the only way in or out. We're all basically on a fixed budget. No one has the money to be able to repair the concrete," said Louisiana resident Toni Shepard.

Property owners petitioned to have the street deemed public several years ago, however no documentation has been found.

It would cost about $10,000 to replace the concrete for this fixture.

For now, these families are hoping for donations to rebuild a piece of their home.

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