Culver-Stockton College receives gifts for 'Changing Lives' campaign

Culver-Stockton College announces more than $3 million in gifts to the college on Thursday.

Half of the amount is coming from a Culver alumna Mary C. Eck and the other from an anonymous donor.

Culver-Stockton is set to make various upgrades to its campus in the future, including renovating its dining hall.

"The Gladyus Student Center and there will be major renovation in the dining room after the school closes in May."

In fact, this dining hall will look a whole lot different.

"Students will come back to this hopefully, really,this isn't the right word, but HIP dining room with charging stations and different area for food and brightened up."

Meanwhile Mary Eck had a passion for domestic travel.

"The first gift of over $1.5 million is from the estate of Mary C. Eck," said Culver-Stockton President Kelly Thompson.

A passion future generations will now share as a result of that donation.

"This will allow us probably three major trips and anywhere from 10-25 students," said Thompson.

The money will also be used to help transform major parts of campus.

Sarah Sparrow is a senior and double major at CS-C and applauds the university's efforts to push travel.

"Domestic travel is also a little bit more affordable than it is to go international anyways, but this will help that even further so hopefully every student will be able to domestically travel," said Sparrow.
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