Culver-Stockton College offers program to address Athletic Trainer shortage in Missouri

A new athletic training facility for students taking part in Culver-Stockton College's Master of Athletic Training Program, a two year, 64 credit hour program (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza)

Athletic trainers are in short supply and in high demand in the Tri-States, that's according to Dr. Jay Hoffman with Culver-Stockton College.

Dr. Hoffman says a project run by the Korey Stringer Institute called the Atlas Program, shows the Tri-State area has a particular need for athletic trainers in southern Iowa, Western Illinois, and in Missouri.

In fact, there are just more than twenty six hundred schools in Missouri and only seventeen hundred athletic trainers.

"Athletic trainers don't just work in high schools, they also work in hospitals, they work in clinics they work in industrial corporate settings, for example dot foods employs athletic trainers, so athletic training is quite expansive, so if we have all those settings, and we just have 1,700 athletic trainers in Missouri, there's a lot of needs," said Dr. Hoffman.

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