Crown and Sash Dash


Despite the weather on Saturday morning, a 5K took place at Palmyra's Flower City Park.

Twenty participants ran in the Crown and Sash Dash event.

The 5K was planned by 13-year-old Mallory Sublette.

The event is one of Sublette's fundraisers as Miss Route 66's Outstanding Teen.

All proceeds from this event will go to Children's Miracle Network.

"I'm having this to promote my platform which is called 'drop and give me twenty' which is encouraging people to drop their devices and do twenty minutes of physical activity each day, and I thought that a 5K race was a great way to get people active, even though the weather is kind of not cooperating," said Sublette.

The Crown and Sash Dash raised $800 for Children's Miracle Network.

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