Crime shown to rise with heat

Crime shown to rise with heat

As temperatures rise, tempers flare.

Does that make summer the most dangerous season?

In the 34 years Gary Farha has been studying law, he has noticed certain crimes happen at certain times.

"In periods of really cold weather we do have a decrease in crimes. When it gets hot, hot weather, tempers flare and we do have more incidents of violence," says Farha.

Farha, the Adams County States Attorney, says what he tends to see is violence that is not planned out.

"The stabbings that we've had are all kind of incidental. There is a knife in the kitchen and somebody reaches for the knife and that's what happens," Farha said. lists the top three reasons violence is heightened during warmer temperatures:

  • Increased stress due to children being around more frequently.
  • Hot summer temperatures themselves.
  • More summer parties that can increase alcohol abuse.

If someone finds themselves in a bad situation, Farha says to get out if you can.

"Don't push the situation, don't engage in arguments, certainly call the police," explains Farha.

When situations happen in the Tri-States, Farha know's the community becomes fearful.

He tells everyone not to worry.

"We won't tolerate violence. Anyone that is using violence towards another individual, a human being, they are going to be dealt with swiftly and severely," Farha added. also states that domestic violence cannot be blamed on alcohol, temperatures, or children.

These factors simply play a role in contributing to an abusive partner's already existing behavior.

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