Crews face challenges searching for Tri-State boater on Mississippi River

Quincy Volunteer Emergency Corp Sonar Boat.JPG

The search continues on day five for the young boater and outdoor sportsman Ean Reinold.

Reinold’s boat capsized Saturday afternoon just north of Lock and Dam 21.

Ean was described by family as the jokester of the group. He always put a smile on someone’s face and shared a passion for the river. As day five of the search is nearing dusk, searchers are moving from hope of finding Reinold to a recovery search.

Glenn Sanders of the Quincy Volunteer Emergency Corp says due to a heavy presence of debris in the water, the recovery efforts have not been easy. Thousands of pounds of rebar have been pulled from of the water on to shore. Crews have also found refrigerators, tires, bikes and much more in the area they are interested in searching.

"As of right now there is no reason for us to change our primary search area. We had good witness statements from the very beginning and we have conducted a few tests to make sure their statements were credible and this has allowed us to concentrate our search area and stick with it throughout the entire process," said Glenn Sanders of the Quincy Volunteer Emergency Corp.

Sanders says the removal of the debris has been tough on equipment but they're not giving up.

Family members and volunteers are thankful for the community’s support over these past five days.

Eight different boats with many different search crews took to the water in hopes to help find Ean Reinold Wednesday.

"Every day there are some new people that are stepping up trying to help us out. Some of them are working on the banks, some of them are working on the water. And they are all working very well together, that’s the most important thing," said Sanders.

Many different businesses and members of the community have come together in this time of need.

"We've been getting you know food donations, we're burning through a tremendous amount of fuel and the fuel cards that people have been stopping by. It has just been amazing. People leaving $4-$5 dollars and come down with a $5 fuel card to help us out. Every little bit has helped," said Sanders.

Reinold’s family is thankful for the support from the community in a tragic time.

Although the search continues into dusk and on to day six, supplies are still needed.

"Donations to help keep the operations going. Not just to this recovery but the next one we may have, unfortunately we know there is going to be another one and we're burning through a lot of equipment right now," said Sanders.

If you would like to help, monetary donations can be made to the Quincy Volunteer Emergency Corps.

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