Coyote Sightings: Why small pets may be at risk

Coyote Sightings: Why small pets may be at risk

Cooler weather is not the only thing fall has brought.

We're heading into coyote season and you may have seen or heard them around your neighborhood--especially if you live in Quincy.

"Coyotes have been an issue here for the last ten years. This is nothing new," said Brian VonderHaar, Adams County Sheriff.

Construction is driving coyotes out of their natural habitat, which is why they’ve been in plain sight more often.

Kevin Reed has lived in Quincy his entire life. He's never had a problem with coyotes until a few years ago.

"About a year ago I went to throw a pan of water out the back door from our dogs and slid open the door and threw it and I hit a coyote with the water. It was ten feet from the door looking in the windows at the dogs," said Reed.

He and his wife have three small dogs.

"It used to be we'd let them outside and they'd be outside for five minutes with no problems but now we're taking precautions. We're in the yard with them all the time and we're being real, real careful," Reed said.

Sheriff Brian VonderHaar urges Tri-State residents to use common sense if they've spotted coyotes in their neighborhood.

"Your trash...your garbage...make sure you put it up. If you leave your dog food outside. Keep a closer eye on your pets. Especially your cats and your small dogs," said VonderHaar.

If you are concerned that coyotes have been coming up onto your property, call animal control. It is illegal to shoot them within city limits.

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