Country star visits Twain sites in Hannibal

Courtesy of Twitter user @thetacticaltourist. Taken during Brad Paisley's visit at the Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal, Missouri.

If you're a big country fan, Sunday would have been a great day for you to visit Hannibal.

Along with his family, Brad Paisley toured several Mark Twain sites.

Paisley's a big Mark Twain fan and visited the Mark Twain Cave, Mark Twain Museum and Twain's boyhood home.

He contributed to the Mark Twain Museum's CD "Words and Music", which is displayed at the Museum.

Some of Paisley's most popular songs are 'She's Everything', 'Whiskey Lullaby', and 'Then'.

The picture below was taken by Twitter user @thetacticaltourist and posted on Sunday afternoon during Paisley's visit to the cave.

Paisley is performing Sunday night in St. Louis, Missouri.

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