Construction Career Day hosted at Champ Clark Bridge

    Champ Clark Bridge Construction Career Day

    Area high school students had a unique career opportunity Friday.

    KHQA takes you behind the scenes of the 'Champ Clark Bridge Construction Career Day.'

    Lyne Tavernaro works for Massman Construction.

    "One of the counselors from one of the high schools had told me that there had been nothing of this type in the area for over 20 years," Tavernaro said.

    The company was one of several that set up booths for Construction Career Day at the Louisiana Elks Lodge.

    "Surveying, safety, quality control, engineering, administrative, IT. Just so the kids can get an idea and a feel for what it takes to be in the construction industry," Tavernaro said.

    Rilee White was one of the students who attended—she’s a junior at Pleasant Hill.

    "It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for sure," White said.

    White wants to become a welder.

    "Welding is a rare job especially for women and I was interested through my school and through my ag program," White explained.

    White and her classmates ended their day at the site of the old and new Champ Clark Bridge.

    "I have learned how they built this bridge and how it's going to be more beneficial than the last bridge," White said.
    "We were happy to help the students along and try to expose them to what we do," Tavernaro said.

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