Community members welcome Dr. Abby Fox Rooney Elementary to Quincy

The Quincy Public School District welcomed its third new elementary school to the Gem City Saturday morning.

Dr. Abby Fox Rooney Elementary opened its doors to the community during an open house Saturday.

Dr. Rooney began her career as a teacher and later became the first license physician in Illinois.

The district welcomed her great-granddaughter and son and great-great-granddaughter as well.

"We have no other tie to Quincy and I feel like we have at this moment in time to a real place," said Dr. Abby Fox Rooney’s great-granddaughter Annie Boland.

"I think having a strong attachment to the local history and bring that forward and in to the future is really important,” said great-great-granddaughter Sarah Krantz.

"I think it is a world class facility, maybe the most impressive part is the amount of collaboration that has went in to this and that is going to be a legacy that lives on for generations,” said great-grandson Peter Boland.

With three new elementary schools complete, the district will open two more elementary schools by next fall.

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