Committee to interview four design firms for Quincy riverfront project


Wednesday, the Quincy Park District attorney responded to questions about an exploratory committee considering proposals to create a new riverfront promenade.

Committee members have been meeting to review design firm submissions to make that concept become a reality.

That committee includes representatives from the City of Quincy, the Park District and the Adams County Board.

Last month, Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore said that committee met to narrow those design firm submissions from six to four.

Wednesday night at the Quincy Park District meeting, Commissioner John Frankenhoff voiced concern that those decisions were being made without board approval or meeting minutes.

"We as a public body had no idea what the criteria was," Frankenhoff said. "My understanding is there was a score sheet that the committee filled out that moved that process from six to now. We're not a part of that decision or that process. We don't even understand."

Park Board President Bob Gough serves on the Riverfront Committee.

He responded to commissioners' concerns at Wednesday night's meeting.

"The meeting we are having on October 3rd and of course, we want to encourage everyone to be here where we will hear the presentations from four architect engineering firms," Gough said.

"From here on out, whatever involvement the Park District has with this committee, we should assume it's a public body," Park District Attorney Terry Anastas said.

The Quincy Riverfront Committee will interview four design firms, which will present their concept plans on October 3.

That meeting will be open to the public.

It will take place from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Quincy Park District office.

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