College faculty from across Illinois meet at John Wood Community College

    College Faculty from Across Illinois Meet at John Wood Community College

    The Illinois Board of Higher Education Faculty Advisory Council held its monthly meeting at John Wood Community College Friday.

    The Council acts as a liaison between educational institutions and the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

    The Council is made up of thirty-six faculty members from 2 and 4 year institutions across the state.

    Council members met to discuss issues such as in state student retention, credit transfer issues and teacher professional development.

    Chair of the Council and DePaul University Professor, Marie Donovan, says that these meetings are vital to improving the state's post secondary education system.

    We know if we don't come together on a monthly basis and talk through what's happening across ourselves, we're not going to be able to solve any of the problems we have in figuring out what does it mean to educate an adult in the 21st century.

    Two professors from JWCC are members of the council.

    This is the first time John Wood has hosted the Council meeting.

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