Cold temps putting strain on furnace systems

An Aire Serv technican works on a furnace system (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza).

The more you turn up that thermostat...the more it's going to cost.

Especially in the winter.

A furnace often struggles to pull in heat when temperatures reach below 25-30 degrees according to Air Serv technician Mike Stevenson.

They then often kick on what's called emergency heat.

"Emergency heat is basically back-up heat. If your heat pump is not keeping up, or it's really cold outside that emergency heat is actually going to turn on and provide you more heat in your house," said Stevenson.

But be careful...that EM setting is expensive.

"Make sure you switch it back to heat pump as soon as possible just because emergency drains electricity. If you leave that on you can see your bill up to $400," said Stevenson.

Also, make sure to keep all vents open, even if you're not using other rooms in the house.

"Make sure all your vents are open of course, all your registers. Some people shut off some registers to bedrooms because they don't use the bedroom but that really doesn't save them money, it just starves the system from airflow," said Stevenson.

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