Closings and event cancelations for Sunday

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    If you have a closing or cancelation for this weekend, please email us the info at and we'll add it to our list!

    School closings/early dismissals

    --Sunday Cancelations---

    Argyle Bible Church in Colchester, Illinois has cancelled morning services.

    Camp Point Assembly of God has cancelled services Sunday.

    All activities scheduled for January 13th at First Southern Baptist Church, Quincy, have been cancelled.

    Palmyra United Methodist Church services have been cancelled.

    Grace Covenant Baptist Church, Hannibal has cancelled services Sunday.

    St. Thomas Catholic Church in Camp Point has cancelled its 10:00am mass.

    United Methodist Church of Loraine - Sunday School, Worship and Meeting after Church have all be cancelled for Sunday.

    Trinity Lutheran Church in Golden has cancelled services for Sunday.

    First United Methodist in Hannibal and Hydesburg United Methodist is closed.

    Zion Lutheran church in Palmyra is closed Sunday.

    The Ursa Christian Church will be cancelled Sunday.

    First Presbyterian church is Hannibal is closed Sunday.

    Second Baptist Church in Bowling Green, MO closed for all services Sunday.

    First Baptist Church of Macomb, IL has canceled Sunday School and Church service for Sunday.

    Shelbina First Baptist Church has cancelled services for Sunday.

    Bowen Christian Church is cancelling services for Sunday.

    Monroe City Christian Church has cancelled all services for Sunday

    First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, in Rushville Il canceled

    Trinity United Methodist Church in Warsaw, IL cancelling services for 1/13/19

    Hamilton United Methodist church in Hamilton, IL cancelling services for 1/13/19

    Immanuel Lutheran, Golden, Il services cancelled

    Salem Evangelical United Church of Christ, 9th & State, Quincy canceled

    Palmyra First Assembly of God Church is cancelling all services

    Union United Methodist Church - 1101 State - Quincy, ILL has cancelled their church services

    Arch United Methodist Church of Hannibal

    Immanuel Baptist Church, Hannibal - 10:40 Worship only

    Bethlehem United Church of Christ of Sutter has cancelled all services

    Canton Christian Church in Canton, MO has canceled Sunday school and Church

    Luther Memorial Church has cancelled

    First Baptist Church Shelbyville MO

    Palmyra United Methodist Church – Saturday All activities cancelled - Sunday – no early service or breakfast, late start at 9:30 am.

    Mt. Sterling United Methodist Church

    Palmyra United Methodist Church has cancelled all activities for Saturday, and is having a delay start Sunday morning at 9:45. No 8:00 am worship, no 9:30 am breakfast. There will be a combined worship at 10:45 am.

    The Methodist churches of the Bright Star Parish have cancelled services for Sunday. They include Oxville, Florence, Detroit, Griggsville, Perry, New Salem, Naples, and Bluffs, all in Illinois.

    Services at Richfield, Beverly, and Plainville United Methodist churches are cancelled

    Trinity Episcopal Church in Hannibal has cancelled our 10A service

    Knights of Columbus Breakfast has been cancelled.

    Alexandria Baptist Church, Alexandria, MO canceled

    Liberty Christian Church has cancelled

    Clover Road Christian Church in Hannibal, canceled

    Winchester, IL Sunday service cancelled

    United Method Church, closing Sunday service.

    Mark Twain Casino will be closing at 8 pm today.

    Camp Point United Methodist, Sunday services closed.

    Centennial Ebenezer, Sunday services closed.

    Colchester United Methodist Church, both Sunday services.

    Pittsfield United Methodist Church, morning worship services, still holding baptism at 4.

    Melrose Chapel UMC Quincy, Illinois, no Sunday services.

    First Christian Church, Quincy, IL, Sunday services cancelled.

    Carthage First United Methodist Church

    Scott White Troops.

    All services and youth group at Clover Road Christian Church in Hannibal

    Alexandria Baptist Church

    Liberty Christian Church

    Riverside Community Church

    Amazing Grace Bible Church in Kahoka MO

    Oakwood Christian Church of Hannibal

    First Christian Church of New London

    First Baptist Church of Ewing, MO

    St Peters Lutheran of LaGrange MO

    St Paul UCC of Keokuk

    South Union Baptist Church at Maywood MO

    First Baptist Church in Monroe City

    Timewell Baptist Church

    LifePoint Church in Quincy

    Terre Haute, Durham and LaHarpe United Methodist Churches

    Genesis Bible Church in Hannibal

    Clayton Christian Church

    Baylis Baptist Church

    First Christian Church in Palmyra

    Bushnell Christian Church

    Payson United Methodist Church

    Quincy Church of Christ

    Ellington Memorial Presbyterian Church

    First Lutheran Church in Keokuk

    Believers Church in Hannibal

    Sutter Salem Bible Church in Sutter IL

    Melrose Chapel UMC in Quincy, all activities canceled

    Quincy American Legion Post 37 Sunday evening dance canceled

    First Baptist Church Palmyra

    Santa Fe Christian Church, Santa Fe MO

    Clayton Federated Church

    Faith Baptist Church in Camp Point IL

    Vermont Street United Methodist Church in Quincy

    University Baptist Church of Macomb

    Unity Church of Quincy

    Grandview Church of Quincy

    Bethel Baptist Church at Colchester

    Ellington Memorial Presbyterian Church in Quincy

    Calvary Baptist Church in Quincy

    Jerusalem United Methodist Church in Bushnell

    Brush Arbor Church in Monroe City

    LaGrange Christian Church

    Southern Baptist Fellowship in Wayland MO

    First Baptist Church in New London

    New Beginnings Church in Columbus

    Immanuel Lutheran Church in Carthage

    Faith Lutheran Church in Augusta

    Living Faith United Methodist in Bowen

    Antioch Baptist Church of Hannibal

    First Baptist Church in Ewing

    St Johns Lutheran Church in Beardstown

    Grace Pointe Church in Hannibal

    Colchester United Methodist Church

    Hills Grove United Methodist Church

    Quincy Church of Christ

    Trinity Lutheran Church in Carthage

    First Assembly of God, Hannibal Missouri

    Bethel Assembly of God

    Salbine First Baptist

    Zion Lutheran Church

    First United Methodist in Hannibal and Hydesburg United Methodist as closed.

    Trinity United Church of Christ in Quincy.

    First Presbyterian Church in Hannibal, MO has called off services

    First United Methodist in Hannibal and Hydesburg United Methodist closed

    Trinity Lutheran Church in Golden

    Ursa Christian Church

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